Indoor Air Quality & Sensitive Population Groups

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White Paper

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Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is a significant risk factor for serious and sometimes life threatening health conditions for certain segments of the population. Poor IAQ can cause cancer, infections, and respiratory, endocrine and developmental problems and has the greatest effect on children, older adults and people with chronic illnesses or suppressed immune systems.

This white paper provides an overview of indoor air contaminants and health effects associated with them, as well as a discussion of at risk groups and indoor environments that most impact them. Discussion topics include:

  • Descriptions of contaminent categories: particulates, gases, vapors and odors
  • Health problems associated with each contaminent category
  • Specific health risks to children from indoor pollutants
  • Specific health risks to older adults
  • Statistics on chronic diseases attributed to indoor air pollution
  • Statistics on locations of high contaminent exposure
  • Key strategies to maintaining good IAQ

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