Moisture in Buildings - A Practical Guide to Avoiding Moisture & Mold

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White Paper

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Maintaining a dry building is the best way to ensure a safe environment and healthy occupants, but avoiding moisture in buildings is not as simple as it may seem. In addition to the health risks to the occupants, moisture can threaten the structural integrity of a building, and disintegrate materials within.

Experts agree that by far the most effective manner of avoiding problems associated with moisture such as mold, bacteria, and allergens, is to prevent the moisture in the first place.

This white paper describes preemptive measures to take when planning to build to avoid future moisture problems. Topics discussed include:

  • Selecting an appropriate building location
  • Selecting appropriate building materials
  • Insulating HVAC pipes completely
  • Selecting the proper HVAC system
  • Immediately addressing moisture issues
  • Considering climate
  • Managing exhaust systems

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