NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines: Regionally Adapted and Certified by Build Green NM

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White Paper

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We cannot avoid impacting the environment when we build a house, but green building can work toward minimizing that environmental impact. During the process of building a green home, a builder takes numerous considerations into account simultaneously and consciously incorporates environmental issues into all decisions.

These guidelines were designed with the mainstream home builder in mind with the purpose being to highlight ways in which builders can effectively weave environmental concerns into a new home.

Download the model green home building guidelines to learn about a variety of distinct line items that a builder can choose from in creating a green home such as:

  • Resource efficient site design and development practices
  • Consideration of the environment at the design phase
  • Evaluating energy consumption during the construction and operation of a home
  • Implementing water conservation measures
  • Mitigating the effects of potential indoor air contaminants
  • Educating homeowners on continuing green operation and maintenance

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