National and Local Incentives Make Geothermal Affordable

National and Local Incentives Make Geothermal AffordablePublication Type:
White Paper

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The lure of geothermal systems is attractive: clean, efficient heating and cooling and minuscule monthly energy bills compared to traditional air-handling methods. Hooking consumers, however, isn’t always so easy. It’s at least becoming easier, thanks to an array of incentives – from the federal government to local municipalities to electric companies – aimed at making geothermal more financially enticing.

This white paper, sponsored by ClimateMaster, looks at some of the local and national geothermal incentives (see below) and how you can check what is available in your region.

  • Federal Residential Renewable Energy Property Tax Credit
  • North Carolina Geothermal Tax Credit
  • New Mexico Geothermal Tax Credit
  • Oklahoma Geothermal Payment Program
  • Pennsylvania Low Interest Geothermal Loans
  • Connecticut Geothermal Rebates
  • Maryland Renewable Energy Credits

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