On the Path to Zero Energy Homes

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This brochure describes the Zero Energy Homes concept using a case study in Florida. Energy efficiency and solar energy technologies can result in zero net energy consumption from nonrenewable sources. During times of peak demand, a Zero Energy Home generates more power than it uses, thereby reducing power demand on the utility provider. During times of power outage, the home generates its own power, allowing the homeowner essential energy security. The Zero Energy Home includes:

  • An air conditioner with field-verified cooling-coil air flow
  • Programmable thermostat
  • High-efficiency compact fluorescent lighting (CFL)
  • High-efficiency refrigerator
  • Oversized, interior-mounted ducts
  • Advanced solar control double-glazed windows
  • R-10 exterior insulation over concrete block system

Check out the results of this case study to gauge the best features to incorporate in your path to achieving a Zero Energy Home.  



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