Pressure-Treated Wood

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Fact Sheet

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Pressure-treated lumber is used in applications where decay and insect damage are of concern since preservative treatment chemicals make the wood inedible for fungi, insects, and other organisms that can destroy wood.

Copper chromated arsenate, or CCA, was the most common wood preservation treament encountered for residential applications until its use was determined to cause a wide range of adverse health effects.

Download this document to learn about two alternatives for safe wood preservation, Copper Azole, or C-A, and Alkaline Copper Quartenary, or ACQ. This fact sheet discusses the following topics:

  • Features of C-A and ACQ
  • Benefits of C-A and ACQ over CCA
  • Alternative preservation treatment
  • Alternatives to pressure-treated lumber
  • Leed credits
  • Cost, installation and maintenance
  • Manufacturers of alternatives to CCA-treated lumber

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