Rediscovering Milk Paint

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Fact Sheet

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Milk paint's durability comes form its key ingredient, cansein, a protein found in milk. This powdered protein is extremely hard when dry and will adhere to many types of wood surfaces. Manufacturers mix this protein with lime and it is then sold in powdered form. When mixed with water, the paint forms a natural coating that cures over time. Once mixed with water the paint must be used, so it is recommended to mix it in small usable batches. Milk paint is eco-friendly as it contains no toxins. This paint is also versatile and can be used for anything from period productions to contempory furniture and cabinetry.  This paint is both durable and comes in a variety of colors. Additionally, it can be used with different topcoat treatments to creat unique effects. Download this fact sheet to learm more about the benefits of eco-friendly milk paint.

  • how to use
  • topcoat applications
  • layering for an aged effect
  • decorative painting

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