Saving with Solar: A Survey of Homeowners in California

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White Paper

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You've read lots of product literature and many scientific white papers and you still wonder, "Is solar right for me?"  This document, including survey results from 147 real people who own energy efficient solar-powered homes located throughout the state of California, may help you to decide.

While the primary motivation for the purchase of a solar home is to save money, many homeowners report becoming more environmentally aware and many retrofit other areas of their homes including water fixtures, appliances and insulation.

Download this white papers to learn about survey results including:

  • Homeowners overall impression of solar homes
  • Motivating factors for buying a solar home
  • Importance of energy efficiency factors in home purchase
  • Likelihood of recommending a solar powered home to friends
  • Likelihood of building a solar powered home again
  • Satisfaction with size of photovoltaic system
  • Problems with a solar powered home

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