Selecting Active Technologies for an Energy-Efficient Home

Selecting Active Technologies for an Energy-Efficient HomePublication Type:
White Paper

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More and more homebuyers as well as homebuilders are interested in green or energy efficient homes. However, there are many paths to achieve energy-efficiency, and it can be confusing to choose the best route to reach the goal. A popular approach for a green home is called Passive House, which originated in Germany in the 1990s. It calls for designing a home with a very tight building envelope and very high levels of insulation to minimize the need for mechanical heating and cooling, depending on the climate. 

An alternative to Passive House is a more active approach that calls for designing the home to use advanced technologies for heating, cooling and water heating that provide energy savings as well as a high level of home comfort and livability for the people in the home. This white paper, sponsored by Bosch Thermotecchnology, looks at one project that implemented these active technologies to build a high-performance home.

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