Shower And Bath Fact Sheet

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Fact Sheet

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Showers account for nearly 17% of indoor water use, By conserving water in the shower or bath, you can save water, energy, and money on your home's water and energy costs. By simply changing your showerhead to a water efficient showerhead you can conserve both water and energy. Look for the WaterSense label when purchasing a new showerhead. These showerheads have been tested to be more efficient than standared showerheads. To reduce water use in the tub, only fill the tub as much as needed, over filling forces unneeded water into the overflow drain. Download this fact sheet to learn more ways to conserve water and save on energy and water costs in your home.

  • How to determine water usage
  • WaterSense label
  • Ways to reduce water usage in the bath or shower

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