Smart Growth is Smart Economics

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White Paper

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Smart growth, the alternative to sprawl, offers benefits for businesses, governments, taxpayers, and individuals and offers significant opportunities for sustainable economic development. This report provides an overview of the benefits of smart growth and a discussion of population trends creating demand for this type of development. Also included are profiles of five projects in the Richmond Virginia area that illustrate the immediate benefits and long term potential of smart growth.

Download this report to learn about:

  • Reducing taxpayer costs for new infrastructure
  • Enhancing economic competitiveness by attracting new business
  • Increasing property values and revenues
  • Reducing traffic congestion and energy costs
  • Lowering health care costs
  • The new ruralism
  • Evolution of a suburban office park
  • Revitalizing a historic neighborhood
  • Making historic buildings more green
  • Revitalization of rapid transit

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