Sustainable Communities: Putting Wetlands to Work in Your Watershed

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Case Study

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Wetlands are the transition zones between the land and the water and are very important features of a watershed.  In addition to providing habitat for thousands of species of plants and animals, wetlands also help with flood control and absorption of excess sediments and pollutants.  Despite the obvious benefits, the United States loses about 60,000 acres of wetlands each year.

Download this document detailing case studies of 3 communities that realized the benefits of these fragile ecosystems and the steps they took to protect them.  Topics discussed include:

  • Effects of unchecked growth or sprawl on communities
  • Models for collaboration
  • Restoring and protecting wetlands to reduce flooding
  • Using wetlands as an alternative to traditional wastewater treatment
  • Benefits of master plans and zoning ordinances
  • Characteristics of sustainable development

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