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Foundry siding is crafted from more than 100 unique molds cast from real cedar to achieve a real wood look. These PVC panels look like wood grain but provide many benefits over real wood, including: low maintenance, durability, wind and water resistance, and color retention. Once installed, paint or stain is never needed. For greater energy efficiency, Foundry offers the option of Fullback Foam backer, which can improve energy efficiency by as much as 20%. Fullback Foam backer helps keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reduces noise level, and eliminates draft and hot and cold pockets. Foundry housing shingles are available in many product lines, colors, and options. Download this brochure to learn more about Foundry house shingles for your home.

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  • Weathered collection
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  • Staggered Shake
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