Verve Thermostat

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By applying energy-harvesting, radio frequency technologies to heating and cooling controls (HVAC) the Verve thermostat enables wireless temperature control. Designed with energy savings in mind, the Verve thermostat integrates with the Verve lighting control systems for single switch control of lights, receptacle and temperature to activate either a whole house economy mode or comfort mode with one click of a Verve switch.


  • Provides accurate temperature control
  • Incorporates advanced features facilitating whole house Economy Mode operation where the HVAC is set back in conjunction with lighting, fan and receptacle loads
  • Easily programmed to enable wireless control of HVAC, lighting, occupancy and receptacles from a single switch
  • Displays temperature set point with degrees adjustment for °F and °C For use with: Verve Controllers, Verve Switches, Verve Sensors

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