Verve Wireless Switches Tech Sheet

Verve Wireless Switches Tech SheetPublication Type:
Fact Sheet

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Unlike conventional switches, Verve switches utilize energy harvesting, radio frequency technologies to control lighting, receptacles and temperature. The simple act of turning a switch on or off generates enough energy to transmit radio signals to the 10-channel controller across distances as great as 300 feet. Because each switch generates its own power, Verve switches are completely wireless and battery-less. Every Verve switch operates as a dimmer and can be mounted or moved virtually anywhere.


  • Operates wirelessly and without batteries for whole-house control of lighting and more
  • Equipped with a mounting plate for remote use and easy relocation
  • Operates as a dimmer to control light intensity
  • For use with: Verve Controllers, Verve Sensors,
    and Verve Thermostats

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